1. Euro Truck Wheel Bolt

      Our product is made of ASTM 5140 or 35CrMo by hot and cold forging. Then, it is subjected to fine machining conducted on CNC lathe, milling machine, and grinding machine. Afterwards, it goes through quenching, tempering, ultrasonic flaw detection, thread rolling, phosphating, and galvanization.

    1. Japanese Truck Hub Bolt

      Our product, made of 35CrMo or ASTM 5140 and processed by quenching and tempering, has high tensile strength and strong impact resistance. It is not prone to breaking when overloading. Therefore, our product has been highly praised by users in these regions.

    1. Nut

      To have a beautiful and smooth surface, our product is subjected to sand blasting to have the oxide dust generated during punching and heat treatment cleared.
      The thread tap is replaced once every 3,000 pieces of nuts have been produced.

    1. Leaf Spring U Bolt

      To ensure that our product reaches the ISO property class of 10.9 or 12.9, we strictly control all the operation processes, from raw material procurement, production, heat treatment, to surface treatment. Especially, after heat treatment, all U bolts are tested by the correcting equipment to ensure the accuracy of the inside width and the levelness of the entire product, thus maximizing the service life of the product.

    1. Leaf Spring Pin /Leaf Spring Bush

      All production processes, including raw material procurement, heat treatment, surface protection, etc., are under strict control, so as to ensure that the finished products reach the ISO property class of 10.9. It's worth mentioning that our spring pin bush has to undergo high frequency treatment after quenching and tempering.

    1. Leaf Spring Centre Bolt

      To ensure the quality of our product, each production process, like raw material sourcing, heat treatment, surface protection, etc., is strictly controlled. This makes the ISO property class of the finished product reach 10.9, which guarantees long life span.

    1. Rubber Bush /Torque Rod /Torque Arm

      The synchronous hot pressing technology ensures the concentricity of our radius rod and the high quality rubber bushing makes the radius rod more durable.
      All of our workers have at least 10 years of experience in producing rubber bush and torque arm. Also, the production process is strictly controlled and the finished products are subjected to quality tests before packaging. Hence, you can feel secure to buy our products.

    1. Benz Differential Gear

      Material: 20CrMnTiH; Precision: Grade 6
      Surface treatment: Galvanizing, phosphating
      Packing: Neutral export carton, pallet, wooden box
      Differential gears for any model of Benz truck are available.